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The 22nd Commandant, Nigeria Police Academy, Assistant Inspector General of Police, Ahmed Abdulrahman, mni, has lay bare three targets to move the Academy forward – “Improved academic and administrative environments as well as spiritual excellence”.
The Commandant affirmed this at the President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, Parade Ground of the Academy during his formal brief to Cadets of 4th, 5th, 6th 7th and 8th Regular Courses of the Academy.
The Commandant noted that, it is his single responsibility to set a standard for an excellent academic environment that will facilitate optimum teaching and learning: To ensure seamless administrative processes for quality performance: And to ensure the significance of spirituality in the training process. He emphasis that, his administration will not compromise any of these targets. Hence, they are key to moving the Academy forward to a greater height.
The Commandant enjoined the Cadets to take their training very seriously without fear or favor and to further display sense of dexterity so as to become well-trained, disciplined and professional Police Officers that are fully prepared and committed to salvaging our great country, Nigeria.
Furthermore, he noted that, the Cadets Code of Conduct is very rich in contents to guide their training conduct. He however noted that, guide to good conduct is anchored on good parenting values, which forms the prerequisite bases for good conduct in the larger society. Hence, the Cadets must be of good representation and good ambassadors of their respective families.
He also stated that, his desire to address the Cadets formally after few days in Office as the Commandant is informed by the importance he attaches to the Cadets. Therefore, he is committed to adding value to the quality of their training and also to improving the quality and quantity of their welfare.
On discipline and professionalism, the Commandant encouraged the Cadets to view himself, his management team and other staff as their parents, teachers and role model, because the combination of these roles are a reflection of good qualities that constitutes an embodiments of success in all human endeavor. Any staff that doesn’t situates himself or her self within these good qualities is a failure. Hence, he believed non of the Cadets would want to be identified with a failure as his or her role model.
The Commandant emphasized that to attain the goal of Federal Government towards acchieving well-trained, disciplined and good Police Officers, all hands must be on deck to move the Academy forward.
In comanpanied of the Commandant were the Deputy Commandant, CP Badru Banji Lawal, (+), the CP Courses and Training, CP Patrick O. Edung, psc (+) the DC Course and Training, DCP Steve H. Yabanet, the DC Professional Studies, DCP Abel Audu, DC Finance and Admin., DCP Omosanyin Olusengun, DC Field Studies, DCP Bangs Kopshella Gombit, AC Works, ACP Sani Musa Muhammad, AC Bawa Sale Abdu and other staff of the Academy.
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