The application comprises of 4 stages which are listed below. Note that the application into Nigeria Police Academy (POLAC) requires National Identity Number (NIN), by providing the NIN, you have given Nigeria Police Academy the right to get your Bio data. i.e. Basic information from NIMC and the data will not be editable while registering

Stage 1: On this page you are required to provide your NIN number, JAMB number, email and phone number. Then, click the Verify Bio/Generate RRR button. After clicking the button your generated RRR number will appear if the verification is successful. Also you will be presented with detail information on how to make the payment.

Result of the generate RRR generated display

Stage 2:  Proceed to make payment with the generated RRR.

Step 3: After making the payment, click on verify payment/Resume under the registration menu to resume and verify payment.